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Latvia 2019

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Aloita vuoden 2019 keskustelu tästä.
Please begin your 2019 posts here!
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Rock eagle nest
It is an artificial nest built by Uģis Bergmanis in the swamp on the island in 2010. The nest has been inhabited on a regular basis, and a new rock eagle grew up in 2016 as well. The impression is that this year, there is only one adult bird in the nest area, which rarely enters the nest and hangs the branches. This year, the nest will not be successful, but it has good audibility, and in the mornings a grouse is heard.

At the end of 2018, two eagles were found in the nest: we already know a male who has been living in this nest for several years and a ringed female.
Uģis Bergmanis informed about:
* About this ringed bird. The guy has the belief that the ring on the left leg is red, so he is the bird of 2014 , because this year all the rock eagles were ringed with such rings, so in the next season they are already sexually mature. And 90% of the belief that the right leg has a white ring, which is what makes Finland. Already in the spring, when we fixed these rings in the nest, he sent information to Finnish ornithologists, but unfortunately the answers were still not received. ... 69#p204269

makon pesintää odotan ja toivon näkeväni :prayer:
- Aikainen lintu madon nappaa -

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