Picture, video, and document etiquette!

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Picture, video, and document etiquette!

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Attention Osprey's Nest Forum members

As the 2012 nesting season is soon in full swing, I just wanted to remind everyone of our policy regarding pictures, videos, and documents:

If you use a picture, video, or document from another forum, blog, message board, website, photographer, etc. and you post it on the Osprey's Nest Forum, you MUST credit the source. If you are unsure of the "author", you may "link-back" to that picture. Otherwise, please do not post that picture, video, or document!

The same holds true if you see a picture, video, or document posted by a Osprey's Nest Forum member that you would like to share with another forum or blog. Please give credit where credit is due. You may even wish to PM that member to gain permission.

We are continuously sharing information between forums, which is awesome. Let's just make sure that when we do, that we are respecting the owner of the information.

Thank you!!


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