Loch Garten, Scotland 2011

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Re: Loch Garten, Scotland 2011

Viesti Kirjoittaja Millan » 20 Huhti 2011 07:57

:treehug: Just Great! :treehug: And thank you Annie for pics of all those moments! :smilie_wet_150:


Viesti Kirjoittaja Annie » 20 Huhti 2011 08:25

Kuva ... it looks like been a bit rainy. EJ rolled the eggs and calls now Odin (even the voice in my laptop is not currently working just right..)


Viesti Kirjoittaja Annie » 20 Huhti 2011 22:27

I think that EJ had a miserable night, long rainy shift and third egg... when Odin came at 07.40 am local time, he had no fish and he wanted to brood, EJ left then and was off 2 hours.

Slideshow, 19 pictures : Odin and brooding - changing shifts.


Viesti Kirjoittaja Annie » 20 Huhti 2011 22:43

Loch Garten osprey diary : Three! / Posted by Caroline Rance at 17:46 on 20 April 2011.
We have 3 eggs now, and that’s the important thing. 3 is the average clutch size, so we won’t be expecting another egg now. EJ has obviously already started incubating, and it can be anything from 35-42 days before the first chick will hatch out. Odin will take his turn incubating too, a modern man! In the meantime, there will plenty of fish – 2 already today!
The whole blog :


Viesti Kirjoittaja Annie » 22 Huhti 2011 11:35

Morning sun gold in nest, EJ is brooding, calls Odin... and rolls the eggs.

Kuva Kuva


Viesti Kirjoittaja Annie » 22 Huhti 2011 17:23

Today, brooding and changing..


Viesti Kirjoittaja Annie » 22 Huhti 2011 23:58

After EJ called Odin late evening, he came.. maybe they said good night, Odin left, darkness fell the highland ... EJ rolled eggs and continued brooding.

Kuva Kuva


Viesti Kirjoittaja Annie » 24 Huhti 2011 23:13

EJ broods - and calls... there's little bit rainy..

Kuva LG : 20:35


Viesti Kirjoittaja Annie » 24 Huhti 2011 23:15

Kuva LG: 21:10


Viesti Kirjoittaja Annie » 25 Huhti 2011 19:06

About hour ago there was a male intruder, it tried to mate with EJ, but she chased him off... look at the video on finnish page!

16:00 Odin brought a fish.


Viesti Kirjoittaja Annie » 26 Huhti 2011 19:37

Loch Garten osprey diary : It’s all going on!
What? you may ask. Spring of course. Finally and fully, the season is really taking shape.

Leaves are bright and growing on the birches, blaeberries are beginning to emerge on the forest floor, sand martins and swallows are dizzying in the skies and the Easter bunny has been and gone.

The Osprey nest is comfortably holding 3 beautiful eggs and as you’ve seen for yourselves, EJ and Odin are doing a grand job to incubate them. There’s even been some panting as the temperatures over the weekend have been in the 20’s!

It has been an entertaining week in identifying some newly arriving migrants. Last Monday I had the pleasure of eating lunch with Caroline and John [our newest team mate] while enjoying the close up views of a willow warbler on a birch outside the centre. Then we started to look even closer. Are you sure it’s a willow warbler? Could it be a chiffchaff? We were looking at leg colour, the length of the wings, generally the stoutness or slenderness of the bird but were hoping for a sound to confirm what we hoped.

“Yes, it’s a chiffchaff!” Caroline exclaimed. She’d read the field guide notes and consulted Ian. The three of us were happy, a new bird for the list and the season. Then Richard showed up and wiped the smiles off our faces.

“It won’t be a Chiffchaff. There are only 2 recordings a year of them here at the reserve”. Of course by this point the birds had flown, not to be seen or heard by any of us. A very amusing string of conversations followed but I pulled myself away to get back to the centre to talk to people about Ospreys. It seemed like hours went by before Richard finally returned to the centre and headed over to the sightings board. He took the pen and wrote in huge letters, CHIFFCHAFF. The smiles were back on our faces, Caroline’s was the biggest of all.

There are many other great things around just now including a common sandpiper at the edge of Loch Garten, and redstarts have been singing around the visitor centre. I wonder if they’ll use the nest boxes again this year. They’ve bred here in the past and I’d love to see them use the space this season. The capercaillie watch has had some great displays in the early hours, sometimes up to 4 males and 5 females. The team here really are amazing at getting them in sight in the cameras and making sure everyone gets to see them through the scopes. If you’re in the area and fancy a great start to the day, you’ve got until the 20th May to take full advantage of their expertise...

In other nest news, watch out for intriguing intruders! Last week I saw some sneaky wee birds on and around the Osprey nest including two Crossbills, a great tit and even a house sparrow! They’re obviously trying to get a few tips from the top birds around. Fair enough I reckon, that nest is looking stunning. Happy viewing.

And thanks for all the cakes. We’ve been inundated with tasty delights and are truly grateful. Cheers a lot.

And a big shout out to the Dunbar Grammar school. Mr Tennant came in recently and he said you’d all be checking out the site, so a very warm welcome to all of you. I hope you enjoy the season’s show!

Posted by Abbi at 16:02 on 25 April 2011.


Viesti Kirjoittaja Annie » 26 Huhti 2011 19:55

:smilie_wet_150: Here some videoclips brought by Gary /LG blog yesterday. Thanks to him! And great thanks to cloverbeech these clips!

Fish delivery from Odin


Odin in no hurry to get off the eggs when EJ returns


EJ and Odin just hanging out


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Viesti Kirjoittaja robbo » 26 Huhti 2011 20:22

Odin takes over brooding the eggs from EJ :D



Viesti Kirjoittaja Annie » 27 Huhti 2011 13:13

It is wonderful to see how pleased Odin broods. :D

This Morning 9Am, EJ.


Viesti Kirjoittaja Annie » 27 Huhti 2011 13:24

11.15Am, Odin.


Viesti Kirjoittaja Annie » 30 Huhti 2011 00:16

Everything's all right here so far.

The eggs are beautiful and taken good care of both parents. :)
Kuva Kuva

EJ is molning. It was nice to watch when she tried to put a feather fallen upon back! :D
Kuva Kuva


Viesti Kirjoittaja Annie » 02 Touko 2011 11:48

Every day privilege. Upper EJ, last two Odin. A very beautiful morning again - so opposite of last spring breeding time.

Kuva :treehug:


Viesti Kirjoittaja Annie » 02 Touko 2011 22:33

Most likely an intruder here today. Or what do you say about this? :lol:

By Alison
A fish appears above EJ, but is then taken away again by Odin!!


Viesti Kirjoittaja Annie » 04 Touko 2011 00:12

That video from yesterday, made by Alison, continues here / Part II.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rV1x6X8 ... re=related[/youtube]
by Alison

After the earlier flying fish episode, Odin brings back the leftovers for EJ - the fish tail!! Intruders about!!


Viesti Kirjoittaja Annie » 04 Touko 2011 19:16

EJ waits when Odin is ready to changeover.



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